Ace of Ace

Ace of Ace _ Chapter15 released.

June 9th 2018

Good day to everybody.

Here is chapter 15.

Ace of Ace Chapter 13,14

June 8th 2018

Hello, good day/night to you.

Here are new release for chapter 13,14.


Chapter fixes

March 25th 2018

Hello, this is Ekdud. 

There were some issues with the first few chapters, as well as with some of the baseball terminology in general.

The translator and editor have been notified, and the chapters have been fixed. 

We apologize for the...

Ace of Ace Chapter 12

March 23rd 2018

A good day to you.

Here is Chapter 12, 2/5 for this week. :D

Ace of Ace Chapter 11

March 22nd 2018

Hello, good day/night to you.

Here is Chapter 11, 1/5 releases for this week. 


Ace of Ace Prologue ~ Chapter 10.

March 21st 2018

Hello folks.

I'm butterchips(editor), partnered with airfree76(translator), and together we will be working on Ace of Ace. 

We're both new at this so our work might not be the best, but we certainly will strive towards making it an enjoyable read.