ZL 784 annndd... Hiatus

By ciel

ZL Chapter 784

Translated by: Ciel

Edited by: Jay

Hey everyone, as you may know, Gravity has been undergoing a lot of changes as of late, specifically the deal with Qidian. Given that licensing is a very sensitive topic, especially in this industry, it has been decided that we will be putting ZL (a 17K novel) on hiatus and will be temporarily taking down its content (effective tomorrow). I know this is sad news for everyone, but please be considerate of the sensitivity of this topic. The ultimate decision lies with the original owners of the novel, but I will work to find ways to get chapters to everyone. As such, I hope everyone will make their peace (get the chapters that they need before it comes down ;) ) and keep their fingers crossed. 

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ZL Chapter 784

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