Situation regarding Zhan Long

By Pipipingu

Hello, I am speaking to clarify the situation regarding Zhan Long.

The previous translator who translated the chapters in the past few months, Ryan, has become too busy to translate ZL anymore. Regardless, god bless Ryan for reviving the project.

I have found another translator for Zhan Long, however, the project needs roughly a month to iron out a few things, so that it can get back to chugging along at a constant (albeit slow) rate. I have spoken to the translator and we have agreed to place the Zhan Long on hiatus for a month to settle these matters.

Because of real life responsibilities, she will not be fully committed to this project, but she does want to finish translating Zhan Long since it was the first project she worked on when she joined the translator community about four or five years ago.

The new translator has asked me keep her identity anonymous so please just call her Anonymonsieur. If you do know who she is, just pretend you don’t. Lol. Please welcome her.

I must thank you all, readers of Zhan Long, for bearing with me with this delayed message regarding the hiatus and the month-long wait for new chapters.


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