ZTJ Chapter 393

By hypersheep

Hey guys, Hypersheep here with the fourth regular chapter of the week! Before this, I would like to make clear that although Gravity is in quite a bit of turmoil, if I do decide to move ZTJ, I will give ample notification beforehand. In addition, despite all this turmoil, the voting milestone chapters will still continue until the end of March. 

With that addressed, I would like to ask my readers to be honest, how many of you found my little link in yesterday's announcement post? Anyone? No? Well, maybe it's for the best. It might have been too much of a spoiler. Anyway, this chapter was translated by me and edited by Michyrr.

A storm is coming...

The chapter for reaching 4000 votes will be coming later today! Remember to vote to reach those milestones!

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