VW: CCM Chapter 465

By Celascion

Chapter 465

If any of you readers missed it, I announced some news last week which you can read more here, but the gist of the matter is in a tl;dr version below.

TL;DR version : we have about a month or so before I have to stop my posts on GT. CCM will become WN-exclusive after this arc and enter its final arc in this stage. expect almost 300 out of the remaining 470~ chapters to be nearly twice as long as what we currently are doing. I doubt the release rate will change, but oh boy will I have fun.

Thank you for your continued readership and help in keeping this novel alive!


Patreon Update (12 March): It's dead. Webnovel dislike Patreon benefits (for giving out extra chapters), so there's no point in growing it. I sincerely thank the handful of readers out there that paid way back when (:

Feel free to hit me up on our Discord or even the comments section to give us your thoughts/input on this situation and I'll try my best to field any of your questions in greater detail etc.

Voting rewards are now adjusted as follows
1st place for the month: 4 extra chapters
2nd or 3rd place: 3 extra chapters
4th or 5th place: 2 extra chapters
6th - 10th place: 1 extra chapter 

P.S. Voting won't be a thing once we reach the end of the GT run. Thank you for the clicks and support all this while!!!

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