VW: CCM Chapter 458 + News

By Celascion

Chapter 458

Sorry about the very late post today. Been wondering how to word some news that I've just received about the novel and it slipped my mind what time it was.

First off, it is an open secret what is happening to Gravity Tales. Some of you readers that have been following/reading other novels that had previously went over to WN (RSSG, KoG, TLE, just to name a few) would already be aware that recently, these novels had to stop posting for a good period of time because WN was transitioning and bundling all these novels together under a new "studio". What many might not be aware, is that this offer also extended to some novels that were still publishing on GT as well. Actually, its not so much as an offer, as much as it was an olive branch of survival. Without getting into the nitty gritty, it was either the Translators move away from the entity that is GT and form something new together, or get tossed into a randomly formed group, or just stop translating altogether.

To keep this very long and convoluted story short, in order for CCM to continue posting, we needed to comply and subsequently expect that viable novels (those novels that they have the rights to) would be moved to Webnovel, eventually.

CCM has been given a rough timeline, but the expectation is as follows: By the end of this arc, which is coincidentally chapter 499, CCM will no longer be available to be read on Gravity Tales and would only be exclusively accessed  through Webnovel. This isn't something me or Mugi can budge on, since they are the ones who own the copyright, and they are also the ones paying us. I am not here to make a case that things will get better, but merely doing my due diligence to inform my readers about what to expect. 

The "good news" is that chapter 600 onwards would be considered under the umbrella of the "Final arc" of the novel, the so called approximately 500 chapters long epic that would culminate in the end of the novel. As such, you can save up a bit of SS and have a taste of those first few chapters to see if its to your liking or otherwise. The "bad news" is that over 300 chapters of these nearly 500 chapters will be 5000 characters long. For reference, the current chapters are 3000 characters long, and knowing the model that WN adopts towards long chapters, the cost will be substantial once we tread into chapter 600 - 900 territory. 

TL;DR version : we have about 40 days or so before I have to stop posting in GT. CCM will become WN-exclusive after this arc and enter its final arc in this stage. expect almost 300 out of the remaining 470~ chapters to be nearly twice as long as what we currently are doing. I doubt the release rate will change, but oh boy will I have fun.

Thank you for your continued readership and help in keeping this novel alive!


Patreon Update (12 March): It's dead. Webnovel dislike Patreon benefits (for giving out extra chapters), so there's no point in growing it. I sincerely thank the handful of readers out there that paid way back when (:

TL;DR: Patreon might be a bust if you're looking for extra chapters )X

Feel free to hit me up on our Discord or even the comments section to give us your thoughts/input on this situation and I'll try my best to field any of your questions in greater detail etc.

Voting rewards are now adjusted as follows
1st place for the month: 4 extra chapters
2nd or 3rd place: 3 extra chapters
4th or 5th place: 2 extra chapters
6th - 10th place: 1 extra chapter 

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