VW: CCM Chapter 427

By Celascion

Chapter 427

Nothing really much worth noting this month. The pacing of the novel is enjoyable at the moment, and the novel is back with Mugi at helm doing editing, so things will hopefully get back into motion and I can start paying attention to that Patreon I've been placing on hold.

Voting here shows us just how popular our novel is. By getting ourselves up on the boards, it gets us more clicks, and I'm sure many of you readers who had made it past the "noob" start of our novel knows how rough it was to keep yourself reading >.<

Thank you for helping keep this novel alive!


Patreon Update (25/11): It came to my attention that my editor, Mugi, has been struggling with posting the advance chapters for Patreon recently. She's currently in her late stages of her pregnancy, and she's been finding it difficult to spend more time editing when she has to take care of herself etc. As such, I'm going to put Patreon on hold till next year, so as to not overly tax her in this final few months. Normal posting should not be affected, but I'll be sure to give you readers a heads up if the situation changes.

TL;DR: Patreon is on hiatus till early next year, normal posting should still be fine. Will have further updates if situation changes.

Feel free to hit me up on our Discord or even the comments section to give us your thoughts/input on this situation and I'll try my best to field any of your questions in greater detail etc.

Voting rewards are now adjusted as follows
1st place for the month: 4 extra chapters
2nd or 3rd place: 3 extra chapters
4th or 5th place: 2 extra chapters
6th - 10th place: 1 extra chapter 

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