VW: CCM Chapter 273

By Celascion

Chapter 273

And this begins our new adventure (literally) into the next arc of CCM; THE BURNING EXPEDITION. Not to spoil anything, but this arc is possibly one of the more involved ones where past enemies and allies will all come together in a manner which most gaming novels out there do not bother. It's both ambitious and at the same time which takes a different approach to storytelling compared to other webnovels I've read, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Latest update (08/09): I have both good and bad news.
The bad news is, that everything we had done so far had been for naught.
But the good news is that everything was for naught because the new contract has not taken into effect, which means we are not being axed. It's a momentary reprieve that means the novel can keep going until otherwise. Once CCM goes up on both Webnovel and GT, that's when the (tentatively) one month timer officially begins. We're gonna hang on to Gu Fei and his friends just that bit longer and see how far we can take them out!

TL;DR: We are still surviving thanks to paperwork issues. Until Dual-hosting happens, CCM will keep chugging along~

In the meantime, voting here shows us the general popularity the novel is undergoing. By getting ourselves up on the boards, it gets us more clicks, and I'm sure many of you readers who had made it past the "noob" start of our novel knows how rough it was to keep yourself reading >.<

Thank you for helping keep this novel alive all this while!

Feel free to hit me up on our Discord or even the comments section to give us your thoughts/input on this situation and I'll try my best to field any of your questions in greater detail etc.

P.S. I've promised one of the members in the Discord before all this went down this new feature which we will be implementing to reward voting as follows
1st place for the month of September: 5 extra chapters (over 4000 votes required o.0)
2nd - 5th place: 3 extra chapters (A minimum of 2400 votes)
6th - 10th place: 1 extra chapter (anywhere above 1200 votes should do)

We're currently doing well staying around at 6th Placebut We are about 60~votes away from 5th, which means 3 extra chapters instead of 1! Think you guys can help propel this novel that bit more?

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