The World Online Important Announcement + Giveaways

By TheNoraShinki

Hello readers!

I am happy to let you all know that we have added a new tier to our patreon - the Viscount/Viscountess tier! Patreons can now read up to 58 chapters ahead of current Gravity releases!

Additionally, we have adjusted our goals and chapters per a tier so that you get more chapters per a tier! Our baron/baroness tier now has 40 chapters ahead, 6 more than before!

Our goals have also been revamped, notably, we will increase out release rate to 15 per a week if we hit Tier 11!

We are also conducting a pokemon pokecord giveaway open to all, and an exclusive amazon giftcard/ebook giveaway for our patrons, so do join our discord if you are interested, linked below!

Discord Link:

Patreon Link:

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