The World Online Chapter 366 and 367

By TheNoraShinki

Chapters for today~

Chapter 366‍ - Chapter for April 16th.

Chapter 367‍ - (1/6) from patreon.

Guys, remember to vote for TWO! We are still doing vote-based bonus chapters!! bonus chapters if we are first!


Novel Recommendation:

Hey everyone, just wanted to promote Mr Voltaire's new novel, The Lord's Empire, which is quite similar to The World Online. If you enjoy kingdom-building, game-like alternate worlds, incorporation of ancient history and strategy, you'll be sure to love The Lord's Empire!


Map Contest:

UPDATE: Hey guys, we now have some guys confirmed working on maps! However, in order to not rush them, the deadline will be extended until a few of them have finished.

Useful links: Battle of Zhouluo. Battle of  Muye. Battle of Changping

Reminder: please send maps for the contest to [email protected]! First place gets $80, second gets $60, and $40 for third place! Additionally, the top three all get access to six chapters ahead of releases! Please try to send in your entries a few days before the end of the month so that we have time to look through them! The specifics are in this post. If you have any questions, just ask me on our discord!



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