The World Online Chapter 282 and 283 + Map Making Contest!

By TheNoraShinki

Chapters for the day~

Chapter 282‍ - Chapter for March 7th.

Chapter 283‍ - (3/6) from patreon.

Hey readers! 

Today, we are going to hold a contest for making TWO maps! As you might know, many of the places in TWO are based on real-life locations. However, it can get confusing and from comments (and our own discussion), we've come to the conclusion that maps can aid your reading experience. Ryan and I don't have the skills to make a map, so we are going to hold a contest to find some people to help us! 

Here are the prizes: 

1. $80 + 3 chapters ahead. 

2. $40 + 3 chapters ahead. 

3. $20 + 3 chapters ahead. 

*Note: 3 chapters ahead provided winner continues to help with making maps (checks will occur monthly). 

We currently need maps for: Battle of Zhouluo, Battle of Muye, Battle of Changping, and the Lianzhou Basin. However, any location that has occurred in the story so far is allowed! These are just the main ones that came to our mind. Please also mark out the locations where the armies/characters move in the battle maps if possible (you can denote points as 1,2,3,4 etc. to show where the two sides are at) and try to omit not to include details that aren't talked about in the novel. 

Please send your submissions to [email protected]! We will do a preliminary screening and announce the contestants that make it to the main rounds at the end of the month. After that, we will hold a public vote to decide the winners!! 

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