The World Online Chapter 246 and 247 + Announcement!

By TheNoraShinki

Chapters for the day~

Chapter 246‍ - Chapter for Feb 21st.

Chapter 247‍ - (3/6) from patreon.

Hello, dear readers!

Today, I'll like to give a special thanks to these selected special Wikia contributors, who have helped to build The World Online Wikia. These users will be granted access to 3 chapters ahead of public releases for a month. After that, we, the TWO team, will check contributions again and reassess who gets access. We will not limit the number of users who can potentially gain access, so feel free to contribute! Not sure how to? Join our discord and check out our to-do list. Alternatively, you can discuss with the TWO team or our friendly discord members about what you can help with!

Thank you for contributions: 

  • Yoranta
  • XazaXYT
  • Sanks0009
  • Lazy3Gamer 

Please message me your emails on discord so that I can add you to the special folder!

Remember, we will publish 8 BONUS chapters if we are ranked first!!


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