The World Online Announcement New eBook Cover + How Bonus Chapters will work!

By TheNoraShinki

Hey everyone, so an update about the eBook! 

We received some valuable feedback from our readers, so we talked to the eBook team, and we were lucky enough to receive a completely new and revamped cover! Do check it out and let us know what you think! (Btw it is the steele that rises up when Ouyang Shuo upgrades his territory, the CN translates to 'Receive the mandate of heaven, live and prosper forever').

If you have a few dollars to spare, do consider purchasing the eBook to support TeamTWO! Also if you've already bought it, do consider giving us a review! We still don't have any yet 

For the bonus chapters this month, there will be 8 in total! (four for the NU bonus chapters, two for patreon bonus chapters, and two for our gravity rankings)! Thank you, everyone, for giving us votes on NU, it really helps us out! The bonus chapters will be released half-hourly after our normal posts on the 31st of this month, with one chapter every half an hour! Do note that the post themselves might not be out at the same time as the chapters because of scheduling, but the chapters will be.

 Thank you all again!

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