One Month Hiatus

By starvecleric

I'll be going on a month's hiatus on May to catch up on all of my other work.

3 chapters a week (2 LoHP + 1 RHE) is really difficult for me with other things to cope with as well, and my translation speed has only been getting slower with time. I must say that translating The Records of the Human Emperor hasn't been easy with me, and I ended up devoting most of my time to this novel that I ended up depleting the stockpile of my other novel, so I will have to take some time off from this to catch up with the other and at least build a sizeable stockpile for this one as well so that I can ensure regular posts.

I'll be refunding those who have donated recently (if the money isn't refunded, do PM me on Discord, the link is on every post of RHE). I seek your understanding for this. 

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