The New World chapter 180 is out!

By Monsoon117

Hope you guys enjoy the chapter: 180 Helios Novas, Ruler of Worlds

I'll be upping the anty with releases this year. I want to really take the entire writing process seriously, like a true professional. You know, look in the mirror and be proud of who I am kind of stuff.

Don't mean to be too sentimental there guys. It's just how I think about it. I'm a writer after all, and how I write helps define who I am. I'd like to define myself as pretty cool, so being dedicated to writing is a start.

 Anyways, if you guys would donate to my patreon, you get to see bonus chapters and support me. As a bonus, it also motivates me to hell and back: Patreon

Also, remember to vote guys. It helps keep me going strong: Voting

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