TLE Patreon: Monthly Patron Lottery!

By Mr Voltaire

Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce a new feature of my Patreon ( a monthly Patron Lottery! How this will work is that every month, all patrons at the Advanced Village Tier ($10) or above will be automatically entered into a lottery. The lottery will be held at the end of each month and the winners will be announced on the first day of the next month (e.g. Winners drawn on August 31 and announced on September 1).

Winners' first names and the first letter of their last names will be published on the Gravity Tales website and on Patreon, and will be also privately messaged by me.


First Prize: One-time private 10 chapter mass release OR $20USD via paypal

Second Prize: One-time private 7 chapter mass release OR $10USD via paypal

Third Prize: One-time private 5 chapter mass release

Fourth Prize: One-time private 3 chapter mass release

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