The King's Avatar Chapter 833-834

By nomyummi

TL: NomYummi

Editor: BasedTzuyu

Chapter 833 - Control

Chapter 834 - Training (Bonus chapter 12/21)!

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Random Chinese tidbit:

In Chinese, idioms called 成语 (Chengyu) are often used in writing and in spoken language. They're usually four words long and sometimes have a story that they originate from. They usually make sense even if you don't know the story. For example, you've probably seen some used in the story like the mantis stalks the cicada unaware of the oriole behind, shooting two hawks with one arrow, fox exploits the tiger's might, 300 silver taels not hidden here. The stories can be quite fun.

 In Chapter 834, Tian Ji's horse race is referring to a story where a high official Tian Ji is invited to a horse-racing event by the king. The king usually wins because he has slightly better horses. Tian Ji's retainer Sun Bing proposes a strategy to have Tian Ji have his best horse go against the king's average horse, Tian Ji's average horse against the king's inferior horse, and Tian Ji's inferior horse against the king's best horse, thus winning two out of three races. Hence, accepting one loss to ensure two wins.