The King's Avatar Chapter 541

By nomyummi

TL: Ray

Editor: BasedJessica

Chapter 541 - Guarded Secret

TL Note about Three Worlds Six Paths by Ray:

 三界六道 (Three Worlds Six Paths) is a concept in Buddhism regarding 轮回 (Samsara/ "reincarnation") When a soul goes through 轮回 (Samsara), the soul is reborn into one of the three realms (Trailokya): the World of Desire, the World of Form, and the World of Formlessness. The process is determined by the soul's deeds in its past life. If it had done a lot to good, then it shall enter the world of formlessness and enjoy a good next life. If its good deeds cancel out its bad deeds, then it is reborn into the world of form. If the soul had done a lot of bad, then it would enter the world of desire and live through a life of brutal hardships. 六道 refers to the six paths by which the souls live out their lives in their respective worlds. 天道 (Deva/Gods Path) ,人道 (Human Path),畜生道 (Animal Path), 修罗道 (Asura/Demi-god Path), 饿鬼道 (Preta/Hungry Ghost Path), 地狱道(Naraka/Hell Path)
Nom Note: On Wikpedia, six paths is referred to as six realms. I prefer six paths because I think it sounds better (Pain - anyone a Naruto fan??) and is also a more accurate translation at least for the way it's written in Chinese.