The King's Avatar Chapter 540

By nomyummi

TL: NomYummi

Chapter 540 - Extortion

Random Chinese tidibit:

If you saw the teaser, the original name of this chapter was Shameless Bamboo Pole, which was wrong and should have actually been translated as Tapping the Bamboo Pole (敲竹杠) when translated literally. In any case, the phrase actually means extortion. The phrase seems to have multiple possible origin stories, but one of them goes like this:
In the final years of the Qing Dynasty, stalls in the market place used copper coins as currency. Whenever a merchant received money, the merchant would put it in a cylindrical bamboo pole and then dump the coins out at the end of the day. At that time, one stall in Shanghai had a very dishonest owner. He would always raise the prices as he pleaesd if an unfamiliar customer came in. Whenever his assistant welcomed in an unfamiliar customer, he would tap his bamboo pole, signalling the assistant to raise the prices. This is why tapping the bamboo pole (敲竹杠) means extortion or to extort!