The King's Avatar Manhua Chapter 26.1

By Milkbiscuit

Chapter 26, Part 1: In which Blue River can't bring himself to ask Lord Grim about his other friends.

Chapter 26.1 (last Sunday's chapter)


It's been a while, hasn't it? Thanks for being patient, guys, it seems like our team will continue to be busy with life stuff for the time being. Uploads might be a little delayed but we will try to release 2-3 chapters a week. It just might not follow our usual schedule.

Don't worry, though. Imma keep track of which chapters we owe, so we don't remain in chapter debt for too long a time.


Translator: Jimminx

Cleaner: kazriku

Typesetter: xMyuuchanx

Editor: Milkbiscuit :^)

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