The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Dropped

By starvecleric

I apologize that it took so long for me to give an official announcement on this issue. Many have asked me on this matter on Novelupdates and Discord.
Firstly, I am officially dropping this series. I have been in talks with QI since awhile ago, and eventually, we decided to just get a new translator from their side on this series. I was intending to announce this after a translator has been found, but the other side has been facing difficulty finding a translator who is interested in this project. Eventually, this matter dragged on for month after month. I've replied this query on many other platforms, but I should have posted an official announcement on GT, and I apologize for my mistake.

I do thank you all for reading this series, it's truly one of my favorite pieces, and I sincerely apologize for failing to go on ahead with it.
I have a hate and love relationship with this series, as many of my colleagues would know.
It's been awhile since I've started looking for another translator on this project, and I stopped updating after it was decided that I'll pass this series on to QI.
It's a wonderful story, as many of you will know, and not to mention, it's my maiden piece. However, it's exactly because it's my maiden piece that I made many unintentional mistakes in it. I've tried multiple times to look for people to help me correct them, and I even tried correcting them myself, but the results didn't turn out too well.
The good thing about joining QI is that they would send editors to vet through the series they accepted, so in a way, this will dispel most of the regrets I have for the series.

I would like to thank GT for hosting this work, many of the other translator's help in pointing out the references for me, and my editors, Crow, Milkbiscuit, and Hweirdo, for bearing with the 5k~6k long chapters. (Which are really unbearable)
It's not an easy project, with the huge world building and many references, though that's what that makes the series.
I hope that the translator after me will do a better job than me for this project.

In any case, I've been rushing them on this matter, and the most recent news I got from QI on this matter is that they have found a translator for this project. Even though I'm not sure when they'll start the project, I hope that it'll be soon.

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