The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Chapter 142

By starvecleric

Chapter 142‍ 

Translated by Starve
Edited by Hweirdo

Hasn't have an update for awhile.
I'm currently redoing all of the past ELCL chapters and The Human Emperor now.

Going to change a lot of the phrases and even hired someone (a friend) to help me with it.
(My wallet is burning greatly. With this, almost all of the money I earnt from ELCL will be gone T_T)
But it is a pity that progress hasn't been fast

As I'm changing most of the character names to more English-ey version rather than hanyupinyin, I would rather focus on the edits. However, the story is really really really getting to a good part. So I'll just release once in awhile.
Or if anyone is interested in helping me translate while I am busy editing, I won't mind as well.
Have been looking for an assistant for a really long time, but ELCL isn't the easiest project to do. I want to get a permanent staff onboard.