The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Chapter 120

By starvecleric

Chapter 120: Decisive Battle (1)
Translated by: StarveCleric
Edited by: MilkBiscuit
Sorry for the super late chapter. I don't really like battling chapters because I find myself at a loss of suitable words to describe their actions and so. Also, I normally translate on gut feeling so I keep changing my mind (Such a Dragon head, you probably realised it has changed multiple times for caps to small to all kind of form :X)
Thanks to my editor for cleaning up the mess hehe.
Anyway, I will try to pump the chapters back during January. When January comes, the weekly chapter will drop back to ~2/3 a week (Had a long holiday and now I have to get back to work alr T_T)
I am also considering splitting the chapter into 2 parts so that I can recruit more translators to work on this (Some ELCL chapters are really long)
Chapter 120‍