Update on the third Book of The Divine Elements

By Daman

Hi guys,


I received several messages asking me when the third book of TDE was starting, and the answer to that is that maybe next week or the week after. The reason for this lateness is due to the major surgery that my father recently underwent the beginning of this week. I have been staying at the hospital with him and helping with the physical therapy to get his body moving again. Safe to say that my mind has been quite preoccupied lately lol.

I already have some of the chapters written (they were released for the Patrons), but I¬†will need to wait until my father’s treatment is complete before I start releasing, otherwise I will just run out of the stockpile that I have. Expect the chapters to be released either the start of next week or the week after (the date for my father’s discharge has not been decided yet, as the doctors are still conducting some tests and checking his condition)


Thank you to everyone who bought my books so far, and I hope to make the third one even more exciting – especially with some of the stuff that will be revealed in this new book :P

Take care,