⚡The Divine Elements Chapter 139 + ANNOUNCEMENT⚡

By Daman

Hello Everyone,

To be honest, I really didn't want to make a post about this but decided that I had to for the sake of the readers on GT.

For the past week, things have blown out of proportion and the entire community is in shock (or numb to it now) with the multitudes of novels/translations leaving the site. When one or two novels leave, it is understandable but when droves of them leave, it will leave anyone begging for answers.

The answers that no one seems to be willing to provide.

If the truth had been provided to the readers from the very beginning, then rumours would not have escalated to this point and wild speculations ravaging the forums/reddit. It is not my place to reveal what had happened or what caused this "exodus" as that right is only given to the people involved.

While I understand the sentiment that the translators have the right to keep their matters to themselves, as any employee in a company keeps their matters to themselves and don't have to reveal anything about their job (I make the comparison with a working person here, because translation has become that for many now - a job). However, they are not only working as a translator, but are also a public figure within the community. When they don't reveal anything about their actions, they make the readers/fans who support them anxious and worried about what is going on.

This is the whole reason why this issue has blown so out of proportion. If a public company is making a drastic decision, then the shareholders or investors have the right to know the reason for that change. A translator gets the money through the readers (either from their views, patreon, or paypal donation), so I think this is an apt comparison. Denying the readers of the reason for that change, and keeping silent about it has harmed this whole situation contrary to what the translators initially intended by not causing any drama.

I do not fault the readers at all for wanting to know the truth, and the patrons and donors have an even greater right to the truth.

These are all my personal thoughts on this matter, and the only reason I gave them was because this matter affects us whole as a community. 

Also, to the readers, you will not get the truth about this matter from anyone except those who are involved as I can guarantee you that the outside parties will not speak about it, including me. Readers making any wild speculations or conspiracies will only serve to fuel the flames, so it's better to wait for the involved parties to reveal it, and if they don't, then let's try to put it behind us and hope for the best in future. 

It is frustrating but we have to respect their choices.

I wish all the best to the translators who left, and thank you to all the people who are staying with Gravity.

Now that the dense and serious stuff has been covered, let's go back to lighter news: TDE is almost reaching 2,000 on its Patreon! I'm shocked that we could ever reach this stage, so I want to thank all my readers and Patrons for their loving support ^^

EDIT: As of now, we have already crossed the 2,000 threshold!

I have increased the member capacity for the Diety Tier to 15, as the patrons in those tier seem to enjoy the instant uploading of chapters whenever I finish writing them (there is no upper limit for that tier, and all the stock that I have is uploaded there). So, become a patron and get access to those chapters!

The Divine Elements Chapter 139!