The Divine Elements Chapter 134 + ANNOUNCEMENT

By Daman

Hiya Everyone!

I have an announcement to make in regards to TDE's Patreon. I have introduced a new Tier after a few of my patrons stated that they wanted to read more. Thus, the "Diety Tier" was born. This is a special tier and will be the final tier that I will add. What makes this Tier special is that it will always have a minimum of SEVEN unreleased chapters, but it can go up to 10 chapters or more as I will post a chapter to that Tier as soon as I finish writing it.

This is a limited tier, meaning that the number of patrons who can access this is limited to 10 members only! I posted the announcement for my existing patrons last night, and already 3 spots have been taken, so only 7 spots remain.

It's a first come first serve basis :P

So if you want join this exclusive tier, go ahead on TDE's Patreon and make your pledge now and get access to the next SEVEN chapters instantly!

Another piece of news is that I have opened the official website for TDE. The website will not host any chapters, but it is a platform where all the published books of TDE will be listed, along with information about the new ones. I have released the title of the third book there and will soon post the cover art for the new book!  I will also be doing a special promotion for the first week: If the site reaches 200 subscribers, then I will be releasing an extra chapter this week ^^


Anyways, here is the chapter:

The Divine Elements Chapter 134!