Second Book of TDE Published on Amazon!

By Daman

Hello Everyone!


Fortunately, unlike last time, I had actually started editing the second book of TDE long before it finished last week. It has finally been published on Amazon, and along with having a totally kickass cover for the second book, I also commissioned a new cover for the first book as well!

If you enjoyed the story so far, then I would really appreciate it if you could write a review after purchasing it \(^.^)/

Here is the link for the second book!

and the link for the new cover of the first book!


Book 3’s initial chapters will be uploaded for the Beast King Tier and above Patrons, all on next Monday :)

As a little treat for my lovely readers here on gravitytales, the name of the third book will be “The Immortal Legion”

This will be a continuation from where the second book left off at, and it will feature some exciting battles and introduce the rise of Calron as a leader and commander (*hint* *hint* the title of the book :P) I have already layed the foundations of the Desolate Mountains in the second book, and the third book will be where the fruits of that will be harvested :D

I hope you guys like the new cool covers!





*runs off to get a local sim card in this godforsaken country so he can finally get internet data*