The Black Card Chapter 426 (Final Chapter)

By lav

Good day to all, 

Chapter 426 is the final chapter of The Black Card and this is the last post. 

I hope everyone is having a good day. As many may have seen, I made an announcement post yesterday announcing that today would make the last chapter of TBC that will be translated by me. I do not know if anyone is going to take over the translation for it, but I definitely hope that it will happen. 

I'd like to express my gratitude toward all of my supporters and readers out there once more, it has been an incredible time for me to translate The Black Card and even ending my time here abruptly has been extremely overwhelming for me. If anyone has any questions regarding TBC, you are free to join the discord that is on the sidebar. 

Thank you everyone for your dedication in The Black Card, I am very happy that you've followed me along this journey and I hope you will on the next too. 


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