The Black Card Chapter 336 + Special Announcement!

By lav


Heads up maybe no double chaps for June because I just realised I might've took an unit that doesn't count towards my required units bc I'm an idiot *shrugs, but no because my exams are in June so I will start cramming again ;-; 

But before reading Chapter 336, we have a special announcement to make!

On top of the normal chapter releases per month, we will now offer bonus chapters depending on the ranking of TBC every month! 

Top 35: 3 bonus chapters

Top 30: 5 bonus chapters

Top 25: 7 bonus chapters

Top 20: 10 bonus chapters 

Do you want to read how Shi Lei’s relationship with the ladies develop? 

Do you want to see how Shi Lei continues to fight strategically with the Scepter? 

If you do~ (☞゚∀゚)☞  start voting here!

Goal for May: 32/As many as I can survive translating- Chapters

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