The Black Card Chapter 304

By lav

Yes I'm still alive ;-;  

I'm so sorry and I apologise for not Chapter 304 like two days ago.  I just couldn't fit any time to translate.

I did finally have my performance for the festival yesterday and Tofu came along with some other friends, which was tons of fun. Rehearsals definitely took a lot of time and efforts, but it was amazing to work with so many musicians and we are all very proud of how perfect the performances were. But I still have a few more exams and assessments tomorrow and next Monday, so I think I will take the rest of the week off to focus on catching up to the study time I desperately need. I will go back to normal posts next week! 

Again, my apologies.  

Goal for May: 1/As many as I can survive translating- Chapters 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

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