By turtleme

Author: TurtleMe

Editor: Sara





Dear Readers,

Let me get straight to the announcement and say that, in the coming week, I will be undergoing double jaw surgery.  As many of you may know, it is a very invasive surgery that'll leave me in pain, uncomfortable, weak, etc. for quite a while.  While I hope it may not, I can not be certain that this will affect my writing abilities, so let me just apologize in advance and ask that you guys remain patient.  While some authors on this site are able to dish out a chapter a day, I realize the more I write that the more I need time in smoothing out my own inabilities.  Again, I apologize for perhaps not even being able to upload a chapter a week, but allow me some time to rest and heal so I can come back in full force with more ideas and vigor.

Thank you always for supporting my novel,