SPSF Note - Q&A / Suggestion Box

By Prismiko

Hi all -

1 - We love to read your feedback. You can send us your thoughts via many channels:

     - on our Discord server

     - on Patreon

     - on Amazon regarding the eBook

     - on Facebook 

and introducing the Q&A / Suggestion Box for those who don't use any of the above. Type in your questions/comments/suggestions in the form and we'll be able to respond to them in future posts.

2- In light of all changes happening at GT that you may have heard, we're also letting you know that SPSF will be dual hosted on Webnovel.com. Don't worry. You'll still be able to read SPSF at GT.  We'll certainly keep you updated if anything changes.

Thanks for your support!

- VinceStar & Miko

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