SPSF Note: August Update

By Prismiko

Hi everybody!

August is over. Summer is over! We have a lot to cover!

The August Event has ended! - We’d like to thank those dedicated few who were able to write SPSF a review on Novel Updates.  Since we did not reach our goal, we’re saving the bonus chapters for future events. Look forward to them!

Patrons - A BIG THANK YOU to these generous readers who supported us this month!

dethrophes, Gabriel Moses Topp, William Nguyen, Souhirai, Bob Oakley, Stepan Titov, Crescendo, Tan Hang, Vik Ramineni, DesolatedOne, Hellscythe & FluffyGoblyn.

August Milestones

This month we:

  • published our first eBook on Amazon!  Check it out! It covers chapters 1-53. 

If you bought a copy, THANK YOU!  We’d love to hear what you thought of it. Please leave us an honest review/feedback on Amazon. Did you enjoy the eBook? Is there something that we did a good job on? Is there anything that we can improve? Since this is our first eBook, we’re sure there are things we can do better for the next one!

  • ranked 10th!  Amazing! We jumped up 3 places from last month! Let’s go for the top 10 again next month!

  • hit our 200th chapter! Yay! More chapters on the way! We’re scheduled to hit 300 for Patrons next month and for readers on GT in October.

Facebook Page

For all you Facebook users, we have a new Facebook page for SPSF

Yes - we had one a short while ago but it got clobbered. It's a long story... :(

Please come by to check it out and like it / follow it / invite others!

Hot Topic (Spoiler)

Sun Jie. Is she a virgin? Answer NOW.

This question… it’s complicated. It was never mentioned until about chapter 500+. But let’s list down a few facts.

- Sun Jie had never stated that she was not a virgin. She merely hesitated when Yang Ming replied to her - you too.

- It's possible that there are other ways to break a hymen.

- Spoiler Line here: Her ex-bf betrayed her when she was in university. From that point onwards she hated men.

- Spoiler Line here: BUT, she did have sexual encounter after that. What kind of sexual encounter? Well, you might want to re-read the chapter when she first met Yang Ming.

Make your own conclusions. 😉

Thanks as always!

- VinceStar & Miko

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