SPSF Event - Write a Review for BONUS Chapter(s) and Thank You for July Patrons!

By Prismiko

Hey everyone!

GREAT NEWS! We have decided to give BONUS CHAPTERS again! This time around, it's for Novel Updates' reviews:
Novel Updates reviews: 1 bonus chapter
Novel Updates reviews: 2 bonus chapters

by the end of August. Bonus chapter(s) will be posted on September 1st. Write your review here.


  • Do write a GENUINE review. Something that you believe in.
  • We already have 11 reviews there. Many thanks to those readers who have already written!

We truly appreciate the kind support, comments, and votes from everyone thus far! 

Of course, especially our patrons in JulyTHANK YOU SO MUCH! We love you guys: Tan Hang, William Nguyen, Stepan Titov, Souhirai, Patrick M, Hellscythe & FluffyGoblin, Gabriel Moses Topp, dethrophes, Crescendo, and Bob Oakley.

An imaginary FAQ

1. Hey. I only want to write a review after I have finished x chapters.

Yeah, we do acknowledge that some of you want to have more chapters in to give an accurate review, but you could always go back and edit your review.

Because Fishman II does have a pretty consistent writing style - you can evaluate that from both BAB and SPSF - that the novel won't run that far from what it is now. But the plots do get more exciting in the long run :)

But if you insist, no worries. We understand too!

2. I am too lazy to create an account on Novel Updates.

It's just one account. 5 min. 5 minutes of work to get an extra chapter at the end of the month (◕‿◕✿)

If we can spend 4-5 hours to edit a chapter, we believe you can do this too! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Many thanks again for your continued support!

VinceStar & Miko 

\( ̄▽ ̄)/

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