SPSF - Announcement

By Prismiko

Hi guys -

As you may have seen in the comments, Discord, and posts, we found an issue with our raw source where some of the ‘juicier’ parts were censored out.  We would like to take time to review the upcoming chapters to make sure we’re not missing anything so that we get a good clean version out to you the first time around. We also want to take this opportunity to check the prior chapters as well. Again, many thanks to Izaya for bringing this to our attention.

Since VinceStar is in the middle of his university project, this unexpected and additional work throws a wrench into our schedule. We realized that it would impact the publish rate going forward. We will be moving to this schedule for the rest of June where we will have 45 chapters/month:

Mon-Thu: 1 chapter

Fri-Sat-Sun: 2 chapters

We will revisit our schedule later for July and keep you updated.

Thanks in advance for your support and patience.

-VinceStar & Miko

P.S. Thanks for the feedback in the survey so far!  We're looking forward to reading more :)

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