SPSF 100 CHAPTERS MILESTONE! - A word from your Translator

By Prismiko

Hi guys! VinceStar here. 

Just want to state that we are at 100 CHAPTERS which is freaking awesome! It's a milestone!

YEAHHHHHH! Let's celebrate by dancing together!

Vincestar dancing on the chair as he encourages you to dance along.

So, other than encouraging you to do some cardio, I am just writing this to say thank you so much for the support thus far. You guys commenting, thanking us, saying how you stayed up to read it daily, all of these are our fuel to translate + edit every day. 

Ohhh. And if you are not yet in discord. I would really want to see you there. 

You see. The conflict between Chen Mengyan and Yang Ming was because of a lack of communication. 

Therefore, have some communication with us on discord:https://discord.gg/xvjj4dA


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