So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapters 96-97

By Prismiko

chapter 96 and chapter 97 are ready!  

Thanks to Izaya's reports - we've updated chapters 42 (addition of missing paragraphs at the end), 71 (added the first sentence), 74 (Zhao Ying says "Disgusting!"), 84 (intimidate), 86 (Yang Ming in euphoria sentence) and 93 (added missing paragraphs at end). 

If you see other errors, please report them to the #error-report channel on Discord.  Thanks so much!

Happy reading! 


Translated by: VinceStar

Edited by: Miko 

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If you like works from this author, Fishman II,  Gravity Tales also features another one of his novels, Beauty and the Bodyguard, translated by Marcy and edited by Weirdo.  Lin Yi is a disciple of Yang Ming. He knows martial arts, is a great cook and highly skilled herbal doctor and, of course, has his own harem!  Check it out!

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