Shura's Wrath Chapter 321!

By Mr Voltaire

Hey everyone, we've moved over to Gravity! Here's Chapter 321 :)

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Some announcements and other stuff:

Moving to Gravity: Hey everyone, we have moved to Gravity! This is because as a small site, we had to pay a lot in hosting costs, but didn't receive much in adrev. By joining up with Gravity, we'll be able to release 4 public chapters every week of the year!

Free bonus double releases: Gravity has a voting system, where the top 3 novels have chapters sponsored by Gravity. Every Gravity user gets 3 votes per day, to vote on their favourite novels. For every sponsored novel from the voting system, I will be doing another bonus chapter on top of that- this means that every time we are in the top rankings and receive a sponsored chapter, I'll be doing a DOUBLE BONUS RELEASE (6 chapters that week!) If you haven't already, please make a Gravity account and vote for SW!

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