Shrouding the Heavens Chapters 125-130

By BrownEyesYellowDragon

Hey guys, unfortunately this event was just too much for me and I couldn't complete 11 chapters for you guys today. I had a stockpile at the beginning ,but that disappeared so quickly I almost cried. Here are six chapters today, and my goal will be to have the chapters I couldn't complete by this time be released by the end of the month. So that means the goal is the 6+12=18 chapters for the Christmas event along with 18 chapters for Dec. 26-31 (3*6), which makes 36 chapters in 7 days. Sorry guys, I tried.

The release schedule should be something like Dec. 25 = 6 chapters, Dec. 26-31 = 5 chapters a day, and then Jan. 1 = 3 chapters a day again. 

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Editor: RED

Big thanks to my editor RED for supporting me as much as could throughout this time. Probably would have failed day 2 if it weren't for him editing at my random late notices. 

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