<Rise of Humanity> Volume 1 - Chapter 1 to 3

By Rising Dawn

Dear readers, 

Kudos to those that have noticed this newly translated novel (or you've been sucked in by the announcement), please spare me just five minutes time and give <Rise of Humanity> a try! Trust me, you will not regret it, and that five minutes will not be a waste of time!

Currently, the posting schedule is three chapters a day, so don't worry, your future spiritual food will not be depleted. 

The three chapters of 9th January 2018, and also the first three chapters of ROH!

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2
Chapter 3‍ 

I hope you enjoy our work and I will see you again tomorrow!


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Recommendation of other novels: 
TWO - A gaming VR novel for those that enjoy strategy, territory building, and a little siscon. For those that have noticed, I'm one of the translators for TWO, no harm recommending my own work isn't? 

VM - I've personally read the raws myself, awesome novel, well plotted and very relatable 

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