Minor Updates

By Rising Dawn

Not-so-important Announcement:

Hey guys, I have a few updates I want to let you guys know, which is why I’m writing this.

First off,

I suppose most of you have seen the badly posted chapters and posts. So I thought, I might explain it first. This happens because a new backend system was implemented and as I’m not quite familiar with the new system and also that the system itself is being amended and some bugs fixing are on-going - it is more likely for to have these issues to PERSIST for another few days.

(I suppose so? I don’t really know as I’m not a tech-savvy person. Do let me know if there’s anything odd so I can figure out some ways to fix it.)


Like what I’ve said before, with the studies getting heavier nowadays, it’s fairly hard for me to keep up the work. HOWEVER, however, I managed to juggle my time and my little time schedule is working very well for the past week. Which allowed me to catch up with the usual release and am nurturing my Patreon so I don’t have to eat grass to survive for the next month.

(Well, another 5~7 chapter more to go and I also plan to do an extra 10~15 chapters as a safe, buffering zone. Just so I don’t lack too many chapters in case any emergencies crop up.)


This a very important point I want to stress on, I had the urge to talk about it before but it somehow seemed to be a little inappropriate.

I want to let you know that, you guys are AWESOME!

That’s it ;)


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