Launch of RoH's first eBook: Rise of Humanity: Book 1 - Arc One, The Mortal

By Rising Dawn

Greetings my friends, 

Today, I have a good news for you lots, a new editor have came into the picture and as such, you can somehow expect the chapters to come out fresh a lil faster. However, that is not the main point of this post. This post has only one thing to announce, that is....

                                                     We now have...



Rise of Humanity: Book 1 - Arc One, The Mortal



I can't describe how happy I am, this eBook has been planned for months and it is finally out now! For those wondering, this is one of the main reasons why Gem have been so 'unproductive', he's been reviewing all 68 chapters one by one for the eBook. So, can we get a round of applause for him, please? 

Also, I'd like to thank the eBook Team, lead by MindLitUp. It was really a superb experience working with them and I hope we can work together again in the near future! (Because that means Book 2! XD)

As usual, I'm going to persuade you to support me. So, if you have some extra money you'd like to spend or you'd like to support Gem and I, please consider purchasing! But keep in mind this, it is my job to translate and bring the joys of ROH to you, but it is your own independent opinions of giving us the support, regardless of it being physical coins or just the mentally supports, saying 'Thanks' for every posts/chapters or voicing out your thoughts in the comment sections, it's all supports to us! 

Really, I can't say how much I'm grateful to have you bunch supporting me from day 1, chapter 1 till today day 135, chapter 307! Thank you So So Much! 

(Don't ask me why James Vu, I trust you lots are smart enough to know who this mysterious James Vu is~)

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