Introducing The Cultivation Pool System

By Rising Dawn

How does it work:

  • For every 500 cultivation points, we will release an extra chapter.
  • All of the cp (cultivation points) will be accumulated in a cultivation pool for all.
  • Points will be calculated on the 7th of every month and released thereafter.

How to get the points:

  1. Wikia
  2. Votes
  3. Patreon
  4. Submissions

  1.  Wikia (500cp per month)
  • To celebrate the birth of Wikia, we will give out 250cp (one-time event).
  • Completing Wikia up to date, 1000cp (one-time event)
  • Constantly keeping Wikia up to date with current chapters, 500cp/month. 

  1. Voting (vote + position)
  • Conversion rate of 1 vote to 1 cp.
  • In addition to position value.
    1st to 3rd: 1000cp
    4th to 10th: 600cp
    11st to 20th: 400cp

  1.  Patreon (10% pledge amount + patrons)
  • Converts with the rate of $100 pledged to 10cp, (this is only 10% as patreon itself gives extra chapters).
  • In addition to the number of patrons.

  1.  Submissions (varies on materials)
  • Submit to either of the RoH team and if taken, cp will be given.
  • Quotes: 100cp
  • Arts: 250cp
  • Others: depending on the material

If you wish to know the most current cultivation points in the pool (so you can try to push for an additional chapter when it's close to the next 500cps), we will be constantly updating them and you can check them out in our latest Chapter Announcement Posts

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