RFTIW Chapter 207 + Announcement

By Udeze

We're proud to announce that our Patreon page is ready(ish). We've 6 tiers for now, ranging from 1 to 16 early chapters. At the moment we've 12 stockpiled chapters. We're working toward as many as 25 early chapters for our patreons. Cheers!! We still haven't decided on names for the tiers,  and we're also thinking of what to put in the rewards section. Send your ideas throught comment or mail.  If you can, pledge on our Patreon, any amount is appreciated. You can access our Patreon page here: RFTIW Patreon Page. Anyway, that's all for today's announcement. Enjoy the chapter!

4/7 regular.

Chapter 207: The Exotic Flower’s Style

TL: Udeze

Editor: Leo

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