Reincarnator's standing.

By Ekdud

Hey guys, I know the past few days have been hectic for all of us. Here's my ground for the future of me and this novel.

First, let me write about the beginnings of this entire adventure.

I first started treading novels at WW and gradually moved towards Gravity (Long before I started TLing myself) and was interested. Later I found out about LMS and the korean web novel community. I started to get interested and wanted to translate for myself. So during my freshmen year, I made my own wordpress site and started to attempt to translate a novel that was excruciatingly hard due to the vast amount of chinese characters within it. Anyways, I realized I wasn't getting any attention what-so-ever and found out how hard it was to actually rise up by myself. Of course I wasn't in it for the fame but a bit of recognition is a motivation for any of us starting out. So I decided to start seeking a larger site in which I succeeded. That site was where Reincarnator began and I did enjoy my time there but due to some personal issues I decided to move to Gravitytales.

I was on the verse of giving up translating and Gravity was literally my last verge of hope. Luckily for me GGP was kind enough to start accepting Korean novels just as I asked and this is how Reincarnator continued to be.

My grounds are that unless there are large problems such legal issues pressing me, like some other novels that had left, I will continue to stand by GGP and Gravitytales. This site has given me and Reincarnator a new chance and I will stay by this chance.

Thanks. The fabulous one.