Reincarnator Chapter 361~364

By Ekdud

Okay, I know I missed 2 days of updates, sorry about that.

Treat thursday as my rest day and yesterday as my missed day.

Which means there are 4 chapters today including today's and yesterday's.

You'll get 2 more tomorrow for the total of 12 this week.

There are 0 chapters in Stock. 

Bulk release. 4/4 today.


I tread on the path of the Potato, the Dao of Potato is limitless.

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There is a discord server set up, thanks to Pizza! Come and bash me or to listen to random stuff I blurt...

Voting for the novel on GT and giving an honest review on NU would both greatly help me out! No, seriously. It matters.

For more information about the book, visit : Reincarnator Wikia! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can't promise any extra chapters or anything because of the state I'm in but I can only provide my thanks.

Thank you!

Translated by : Ekdud

Edited by : Milkbiscuit

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