Reincarnator Chapter 349

By Ekdud

A lot has happened. There's almost too much to write. If you care, read below. If you don't then there's a chapter (Finally).

TL;DR is that I've been having a lot of hard times with my health and my life. Most of it's returned as I've been on a week break to visit doctors and rest last week. I'll be quitting my full time job soon and returning back to school which should give me enough time to finish this novel at least during the summer.

I can't apologize enough for this but I assume many people are already used to this, I don't want to sugarcoat things anymore.

To prevent me from going MIA again I'll be doing 3 things.

1. I'll be telling you guys on posts how many chapters I currently have translated and are in stock.

2. I'll be making a post on most days from now on whether or not there is a chapter or not.

3. I'll be launching a discord soon where you guys can harass me day by day when I go MIA again, I'm almost online at all times on discord so. Meh

Whether this will help me or not we'll have to see but I'll be trying to get out 2 chapters every day (except one day during the weekends, depends on how I feel).

Currently, there are 3 chapters in stock.

P.S this was supposed to be a double release but Milkbiscuit is gone MIA for chapter 350. Slumber will bestow us with her grace and edit it for me after her work. It will come in a few hours.

Also somebody please just get me the count of how many chapters I owe. Just to make myself feel bad. I'll keep up the 2 a day until the book is finished but...

P.S for that extra 2 chapters in donations. I'll find a day (Maybe this weekend) to post 4... 


My life is in shabbles...

For more information about the book, visit : Reincarnator Wikia! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Translated by : Ekdud

Edited by : Milkbiscuit

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