Master of the Stars Chapter 405 + Announcement

By strivon

Chapter 405: True Target (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Editor: Totoro

Hi Everyone,

I am sad to say that Master of the Stars will be put on hiatus, as I will no longer be working on it. I hope everyone enjoyed Luo Nan's adventures and all the unresolved plot threads: Quantum Corp and their Deep Blue World, Snake Tongue still stuck in the Cloud World, Winghand Bloodbats running around the city, Bloodflame Order founding ritual, the mysterious Gate where all the Mutants and superpowers came from, the girl Rui Wen who Luo Nan rescued from Jack and is with Headquarters, the tension with Headquarters and the Xia City branch, Luo Nan's father and grandfather having contacts with vagrants, and now Dean Wan and this mysterious new order.... 

Through the very slow plot, I still enjoyed the magic system in this novel. The concept of order vs chaos, how Luo Nan doesn't fight using brute force, and how his powers are described as the interactions of figurative stars. I think the best arc I translated was where Headquarters came to kidnap and extract information from Luo Nan. The training arc afterward was nice as well, where he learns about the Condensation Ring and fixes his soul imbalance. Also, the short stint in VR gaming in the recent chapters was nice too. It was the most action I translated in a while.

In any case, everything comes to an end, and so does my translating of Master of the Stars.

Thank you everyone for reading this story with me.


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