MVK is Complete!

By BeginnersXianxia

MVK is now a completed novel. Surprise! Now, I know this is not what you were expecting when I said this was going to be the surprise. However, I've planned out the ending for a couple months now and it is time for MVK to end. (Also, you can tell that I am slightly OCD simply based upon the fact that the ending chapter is an even 200. I hate odd numbers with a passion.)

Now, I've already written all the thank you's in the announcements coming out in about five minutes. Enjoy the ending and if there are any un-answered questions about anything, you can go ahead and ask in the comments below. I'll be answering them as I see them.

P.S. Apparently one of the techies made a survey HERE for the authors. It seems slightly pointless now but I do hope you complete it. If I decide to write another novel, your answers could impact how I write it. Anyway, happy reading, live long and prosper! 

Chapter 196

Chapter 197

Chapter 198

Chapter 199

Chapter 200 - Epilogue

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