Legend of Legends Chapter 77

By SootyOwl

Hey everyone,

Here's another chapter. This one is graphic, so reader beware. It's juvenile, and I think it plays up too much on something little boys often do in some Asian cultures, Koreans being one of the, called "ddong chim." I can't say it was my favorite scene, specially having watched it in some fashion in a recent Netflix show. Some of the kids, the really unruly ones, tried doing it to me when I was teaching in Korea, and I don't really get the fascination with it. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have opinions about it all.

Also, I did create a Discord channel for the novel, and I'll leave annoucements there in case something happens like yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the novel in the rankings, and if you haven't, please do. Remember that you can vote every day. It'll let everyone know that you are enjoying the story and our work.

Here is Chapter 77


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